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DoinBiz is another quality initiative of Mission Australia

DoinBiz is a website created exclusively for Mission Australia NEIS businesses (New Enterprise Incentive Scheme) to market their products and services.

It is a website full of product and service choices for customers like yourself to explore. Exciting items for around home, present ideas for friends, family & colleagues. Practical solutions for lifestyle, business, car, house, trades, general retail, finance and marketing advice along with many other interesting business services.

We suggest you do some research on the Businesses themselves. Each has a detailed profile page to explain their experience. Or you can explore the DoinBiz online shopping mall of Products & Services. If you see something right for you, send an instant online enquiry direct to that business to find out more or arrange to purchase.

Mission Australia's key to this strategy is to give these businesses a responsible helping hand as they first start up and then continue to assist them to promote themselves for years to come. To educate them about quality online marketing rather than a high pressure sales pitch to extract unsustainable volumes of money from them.

We know that if in the early days we assist clients responsibly, and they benefit from their appearance on DoinBiz, that they will naturally remain a long-term client and expand their business presence on DoinBiz, recognising it has traceable, measurable benefits for their business.

Each firm presented on this site has undertaken a rigorous business training program administered under the Australian Government's New Enterprise Incentive Scheme (NEIS). So you as a customer can deal confidently with knowledgeable and passionate Australian business owners, committed to providing you great service.

So, how do you become a NEIS business to access Doinbiz?

NEIS is funded by the Australian Government's Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations, and is designed to help unemployed job seekers to set up and run their own business. NEIS provides people like yourself with accredited training in small business, business advice and mentoring as well as 52 weeks worth of income support.

There are eligibility requirements and training information at the following link:


Who can you contact?

Once you qualify it is a simple process of discussing your requirements with Mission Australia's NEIS representatives by calling 1300 00 NEIS.

Enquiry Form

DoinBiz welcomes your enquiry

If you need to contact a business promoted on DoinBiz, first try utilising their own individual Enquiry Form on their own Business’ profile page, otherwise, feel free to complete the enquiry form below which will be answered by our DoinBiz site management team.

Please also use this form to enquire about the NEIS Training Program offered by Mission Australia.

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